Postin’ It.

Throughout the different photographers we have studied within the past week, the photography of Ana Mendieta resonated most in me a new and innovative way of viewing one’s own memory. Her double process of producing a memory while representing her own memory is one I wanted to try for myself. However, before producing my own image, I decided to search through more of Mendieta’s work. Much of her work is actually quite disturbing, with the presence of naked bodies, distortions of features and body parts, and stains reminiscent of blood. Although her specific work is a much harsher reality of her memory that she is representing, she is producing art that resonates differently in every viewer. She is able to produce images that are now stuck within my memory. I can no longer take back these images I have seen and they will forever be somewhere within my memory and experience.

For my photographs this week, I wanted to create a work of art that would be noticed, recognized, and remembered by those who pass by, similar to how Mendieta’s images have affected me. I decided to take post-it notes (as to not permanently taint anything) and post them up. I considered where would cause the most notice directly to a targeted group of people and decided to post them up in the bathroom of my hall. Here are a selection of photographs of this post-it artwork. Although this image can mean one thing to me, just as Mendieta’s work resonates differently within her, I know that others will see these images and perhaps take something new away from it as well. For me, the post-it notes will frustrate some as they walk towards the mirror and to others perhaps be a statement toward beauty and self-confidence as the post-its inhibit seeing into the mirror. Most representative of my memory, I feel, is the center image of the covered mirror with the scale present in the lower left corner. The irony of this scale in the bathroom along with the covered mirror emphasizes the importance of self-image and self-confidence.  Performance art is an aspect of this course I have become very fascinated in and Mendieta does an amazing job not only through her silueta art but through her transformation art as well. All of her images have the power to hold presence within my memory and I hope my project this week will be able to do the same with girls on my hall, especially in an environment where eating disorders, beauty, and self-esteem are prevalent everyday.


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