Photography of the Non-Place

For our coming “place” assignment, I plan to study the overlooked, the abandoned, the “non-place”. “Non-place” is a term coined by philosopher Marc Auge in the 1990’s. It refers to the buildings and sites that are most easily forgotten and abandoned, places of temporality and transience, places that we experience every day but pay no mind to. They can be markets, hotels, subways, or any other places that have experienced the coming and going of people every day.

The photographs I’ve included for this post are some that I took this fall when I first found out about Auge. I was interested in finding the “non-places” of Nashville, and realized that they were all to easy to stumble upon. I found desolated alleys and graffiti-ed buildings, abandoned places of leisure like that basketball court, broken down theaters and quiet service buildings. I want to understand why these places are forgotten, what history there is behind them and the people that own them, and, lastly, what happens to them when they are photographed and presented as art.





















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