Fort Nashborough

Hannah Fasick 's Fort Nashborough, 2012

I was strolling around downtown on my lunchbreak, thinking about the photographers from our assignment when I stumbled on Fort Nashborough. The sign outside let me know it was a reconstruction of the original stockade where Nashville was founded. Inside there were some little shacks that attempted to recreate what Fort Nashborough would have looked like in it’s glory days. I was confronted by, on one hand the idyllic beauty, but also the modernity that surrounded it on all sides. The historic site overlooks the river — and the massive, intensely commercial Titans football stadium. I was reminded of Jessica Ingram’s photographs, which show sites with a violent history that now seem completely innocuous to a modern viewer. I took a bunch of photographs in the space, but felt drawn to one which showed this dichotomy between modern and historic very directly. Jessica describes in her artist statement her interest in pursuing these sites because historically they are unresolved and relevant. — “The Southern landscape is swallowing up these and other sites, as time is also burying these histories and leaving families without a sense of closure or justice.” With my photograph, I began to wonder if the landscape and its history should always be preserved. Is there value in a “fort” kept safe by a Masterlock?


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