Warm Weekend Afternoons

When I think Centennial Park, I think warm weekend afternoons. I’ve been there at night, but I haven’t had any monumental memories. Maybe it’s because I forget my camera at night, when my friends decide to go for a drive on the fly. But afternoons are always magic.

jenn and greg, spring 2011

During my first year at Vanderbilt, I only went to the park for about three times. The first time, it was during the fall. I believe it was either in late September or early October. The weather was perfect that day and I was in awe of how beautiful Nashville was. I was also psyched to finally see the Parthenon which had a made a guest appearance in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (the movie was not the greatest). My friend and I went in the late afternoon, when the sun was setting. We walked around and stumbled across a man selling snow bowls. Blue raspberry for her, strawberry-pineapple for me. I had been excited by the prospect of two flavors. I took a bunch of photos as we explored the park. I remember being obsessed with catching shadows on the steps of the Parthenon as the sun continued to sink towards the horizon. Even though my friend and I have lost touch, that afternoon remains one of my favorites spent at Centennial Park.

That afternoon was the perfect introduction.


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