A long walk on a short pier

As Phillip opened his eyes, all he could see was dark yellow, or maybe light beige, reflecting into his corneas. All he could think about was water, just one drop would be enough. His disheveled clothing did little to block the rays of the sun beating down on his already worn skin. Phillip wondered where the rest of his family was. Getting up he saw the overturned buggy with the cloth hood ripped right in front of the first support. Behind the rear left wheel, which had been cracked along one of the center poles, he noticed something that wasn’t dark yellow/light beige. It was a warm color, but it took until he was inches from it to realize that it was blood. For a moment he thought of drinking it, if only to give some moisture to his parched, cracking lips. Slipping himself underneath the overturned buggy, he felt the relief of the shade. It was like when you are on the beach and the sand is burning your feet, but then you hit the water, only there was no water, just a false cool sensation and it was his whole body.

Eventually Phillip managed to get up, and started walking towards the sun, since that was the direction they were supposed to go. As, the sun went down, he collapsed.

in the morning he walked away from the sun, well actually it was more of a crawl. Until midday when he was barely dragging himself with he left arm across the sand towards the sun. It must have been 2 pm when he saw it, but there was no sign of life within, he approached it hoping relief would be inside. He reached for the door.


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