I wish is was that beautiful

Unfortunately, looking at this photo makes me remember an uncomfortable time. I was on a sailing trip in the Caribbean, which in itself should have made for a great time, however, when this photo was taken I was suffering from a heat rash as well as an ear infection. In order to go to a doctor to look at my ears I had to first dinghy to the shore of the St. Kitts. Now, this is not the shore that people imagine when they think of the Caribbean, this the real shore, the one with empty bottles, an old gasoline tank, and rotting banana peels. As soon as I stepped up the embankment to get to the street, I was immediately blown back by the smell of rotting flesh. there was someone who had animal hides drying behind their house, well really just a hut. Then the chaperone and I embarked on a our journey through the dilapidated houses and buildings that lined the main road. Once we reached the doctor’s office, an hour wait ensued. Finally, I was seen and he said that I had both an ear infection and swimmer’s ear. But I was actually relieved, because I thought this would be my ticket to leave the trip early and go home. See, the boat I was on was designed to comfortable sleep six to eight people, but we had nineteen on it. Our captain was a pompous twenty-something who had some form of bipolar disorder. I had two weeks left on the trip and wanted nothing more than to go home. So I guess in the end, there is a good memory associated with this magnificent scene, and that is the thought of home, and a real shower, and a real bed. But the path to that memory is something i would like to forget, but know I won’t. Memory of photos of what we envision the second we look the photo. It is not what we want to remember from that time, but rather what we naturally think of. I wish I naturally thought of a beautiful sunset.


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