I do not know who these people are. I know where this photo was taken: Worle School Hall. I know that I took the photograph. I even know when it was taken: my last official day of secondary school. These are people I went to school with for five years and I have no idea what their names are.

Last Day was not actually that important to me. I was the only person who did not dress up and I only went to see what other people were wearing. Whilst I have some good memories associated with that day, particularly of me and my closest friends together as a group for the last time, this picture does not contain any of those memories. I do not know who the people are and the lecture theatre where the photograph was taken is more important to me as the place where I used to have choir rehearsals than the site of our final disco. In some ways, that makes me wonder why I took this photograph, as it is not linked to any strong memories and it does not capture any important moments. However, it does serve as a record of people that I went to school with but otherwise ignored. It is the only piece of evidence that we spent those five years together. Without it, my memory of school would probably extend to no more than a dozen people in a year group of three hundred. I have no way of finding out who these people all were, despite the curiosity that rises whenever I look at this photograph, but at least it serves of proof of their existence.


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