This is an image of my student ID card from Warwick (cropped so you can’t see all the personal details). The full image includes my full name, date of birth, student identification numbers and a picture, but it also includes this repetition of the word Warwick as a background to the main text.

I’ve been trying to place a symbolic value on this. In Perec, individual letters are images and symbols that can be reshaped to give another association or another memory. The “W” for Warwick is not the same as the “W” for “W, or the Memory of Childhood”, partially because they come from such different circumstances, but also because Warwick has a double-u, Perec a double-v, but that does not mean the letters here have no value.

Despite this, it is difficult to decide was the repetition of Warwick does here. As the repeated word is stacked upon itself again and again, the letters appear to lose shape and meaning, blurring into each other. They are a faded tangle beneath the clear black lettering of the main text and the SU logo, another symbolic set of letters. I don’t have a very visual mind and I don’t know what deeper conclusions could be drawn from this, but it does create some interesting thoughts about a part of my ID card that I would normally ignore, especially when the card is normally a definite statement of identity.


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