I was considering our prompt at my internship when I decided to take an image of a film, but rather than extract a still, I would attempt to photograph the film itself. I believe Benjamin although he does not address them directly, alludes to the photographic studies Muybridge made of moving humans and animals, which were a phenomenon as they were the first photographs to really show motion incapable of view to the human eye. Much to my dismay, every photograph I took was obscured not only by the camera, but by the object which projected the moving image — the television I was viewing it on. My first dozen images I was deeply frustrated by the mediation of the image, the huge black lines screamed at me, taunted, I am not real! But then I began to see them as aesthetic truth, to be intrigued by the bars, to try to place them within my image (although I could not control them) . To me they reflect the tension Benjamin describes between technology and the masses.

For more on Muybridge here is a link with some information on his motion studies:


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