Alien Eyes

This is a picture I took using the CamWow application on my iPhone (in case you couldn’t tell from the logo in the bottom right corner) using an effect that changes the colors of things based on how much light is reflecting off the surface. You can see the ordinary white printer paper, CVS bag, and old shoe have been rendered almost unrecognizable through this app. The bag – in reality white with red writing – is now a multitude of colors as light reflects off of it in different ways. The printer paper has been changed from plain white to bright red with yellow on the corners. The metal shoelace circles of my shoe now glow with a pinkish light, and the bright pink fabric of the shoe itself looks dark next to the radiant toe. The image taken with this application is significantly different than the image seen with the naked eye. Using this app, I feel like I am some sort of alien being who processes light differently than humans. This is an extreme example using effects of what Benjamin means when he says, “It is another nature which speaks to the camera as opposed to the eye” (Benjamin 117). Using this effect shows me a world different from the everyday world that I would not be able to see without a camera.



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