how is it still alive?

Matalon does a wonderful job of confusing the reader. The nonlinear storytelling, complimented by the switches from first person to third person make following the story next to impossible. Personally, I found the book annoying and the style of writing took away whatever could have been appreciated from the story. 

This photo was taken at a crocodile farm in Australia. I was perplexed, confused, as to why this bird would choose to live so close to one of nature’s most powerful beasts. I contemplated that it was part of the farm, and was put there by the owners. But it was more interesting to believe that this bird chose to live there. Just as Matalon finds more interesting stories to tell instead of following any sort of timeline. I kept thinking that this bird should be dead, but it was smarter than I gave it credit for, it would sense the crocodile coming and fly away. This bird was a tease for the crocodile. Or maybe not. Image




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