What Happened here

What Happened here

On Thursday Professor Pavlovic showed us photos of empty spaces where signficant events had occurred. These events were personally special to her because they related to her childhood and homeland. My picture is one that is less attached to me, and more to the US. It is a picture of the USS Arizona, one of the ships destroyed during the Pearl Harbor attacks. I try to imagine what happened there as I was taking the picture. Who was standing there, what were they thinking about, did they know the impact that that day would have? The emptiness of a place where such chaos once ensued is perplexing to me. The contrast in time and circumstances not seizes to amaze me.

On another note, the oil floating on the water is reminisce of boat. Every day a few ounces of oil finds it way up through the wreckage, reminding us of what was there before.


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