a bottle, an iris stalk, a chicken, a palace

(a bottle)

(an iris stalk)

(a chicken)

(a palace)

“Seeing a bottle, an iris stalk, a chicken, a palace photographed involves only reality.” – Roland Barthes 107

When I encountered this sentence in our text I realized with excitement I had photographed, at some point or another in the past five years, each of the subjects Barthes listed. So I dug through my archives until I found a photograph I thought could sufficiently represent each of the realities Barthes describes. I was forced to consider whether my photographs of objects are truly less valuable than Barthes’ beings. Although Barthes is certainly profound, I cannot imagine why he would suggest that only people are sufficient subjects for close analysis. Each of these moments represents an externalization of memory for me, proof as Barthes describes of both my own existence and the objects existence. In many ways I find these images to be more valuable to me, because they represent sight closer to my own eyes. I never see myself in images of myself, as I inhabit my body I don’t see it. Images that reflect my sight have greater nostalgic value for me, as they remind me of how I felt rather than how I looked.


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